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Unique Chairs And Furniture

Classic And Antique Style Chairs And Furniture

A classic collection of unique chairs and sitting stools. Antique furniture is not easy to find today, classic and interesting chairs are found in places that you would least expect. Some of these unique chairs have been photographed in temples, others in quaint coffee shops. We believe in bringing unique creations to your attention, the impressive response from visitors to our website has encouraged us to keep going. Just keep in mind that we do not sell furniture, and are not in any way connected to the interior decoration business. While wood has remained a dominant material to craft chairs, you can ocassionally see an interesting shift in this trend. We have included a stupendous set of chairs that have their entire back made from stained glass. We were fortunate to visit the workshop that actually made these stained glass chairs and other items. We hope to file a complete report on that report in the near future.

old chair, classic wood chairs
This classic wood chair is really very basic and that is precisely why it is not easy to find such chairs today. The back of this wooden chair is mainly put together from the sliced bark of a tree. The seat is another wide piece of wood, cut from a tree bark. If you step back and give the back of this unique chair a closer look, you will notice that it is roughly shaped like a fish. The chair is sturdy and tough, and was photographed on the first floor of an Asian temple.


old chair petrified wood heavy chair
Noticed at a quaint coffee shop along one of Thailand's highways that leads out of Bangkok. You could call this an old wooden chair but, you might be surprised if you told you that this relatively small chair is indeed very heay. The wood that makes up this chair is basically petrified wood, though partially petrified. This occurs when a tree falls into the sea or river and petrifies. At that point, silica compounds (quartz) 'eats' the wood away and takes it's place instead. Had the wood used to make this old chair been totally petrified, there would be no wood and it would be all quartz. Since the quartz is substantially present in this wood, the chair is many times heavier than it would be had it been made entirely of wood.


stools made from tree barks
Simple but strong and unique sitting stools. These stools and the table are all made from the pieces of tree barks. The bark is cut into pieces, smoothened out and that si it. A thinner slice of a larger bark forms the top of the table. A unique set of stools and table, very tough and very durable. Not sure if the bark is coated with a thin layer of water proof material, that would surely add to it's longterm durability.


stained glass chairs, amazing antique style chairs dining table set
We were very lucky to see these stained glass chairs being made. Spectacular dining table and chair set. The backs of these stained glass chairs and made with pieces of colored class, intricately cut and assembled together. The table has a classic asian design etched onto the glass, a large piece of glass is all that is used to make the top of the table. The workshop refused to disclose the price for this stained glass chair and table set because, it was a one-of-a-kind piece made for a special client. The work tables on the back of the image, is where the craftsman make these stained glass wonders.


antique carved wood chair, big wooden chair
This carved antique style chair is made from very tough wood, the heavy chair has been intricately carved right from head to toe. Very few wooden chairs would be made with such quality today. Definitely originating from an Asian nation, the worth of this stunning piece of antique style furniture would not be less than 2,000 U.S$ to 3,000 U.S$. This particular chair though is NOT for sale, it has a high significance for the place in which it is now displayed.


dragon chair, antique furniture
An amazing dragon chair, the back of this old chair depicts an entire dragon and has been carved from wood. The base of the chair is also made from wood, thick and very sturdy. Much religious significance in this dragon wooden chair as it is the seat for a highly respected senior monk in a well known Thai Buddhist temple. It is not easy to find expert wood carvers today to craft such stupendous furniture.


heavy carved chair, antique furniture wood mother of pearl
Flanked on either side by two heavy carved wooden side tables, this antique style carved chair is absolutely stunning. The center on the back portion of this carved chair is inlaid with mother of pearl. Solid wood and meant to last for generations, this unique wooden chair is one of the finest chairs that we have ever seen. As expected, the weight of this carved chair would be no less than 80 to 100 kilos.


antique bamboo chairs, old chairs
Antique style cane furniture, these chairs are made from natural bamboo and cane. The center cane and bamboo chair is a rocking chair with an interesting design concept. Fine woven bamboo chairs and furniture are not easy to find these days. The lower market for such shares has shifted to cane made from plastic and the use of natural cane is not common. The amazing thing about such antique furniture styles is that, much of the artistic furniture available today is rather highend - something that only genuine classic furniture lovers can afford.


old divan style sitting and reclining seat.
This divan style bamboo and cane chair is large enough for an adult to sleep on. This particular piece presents the same royal divan concept but, instead of using carved wood and mother of pearl inlays, the divan is made from rather simple materials - wood for the frame and cane for the weaving. Since such old style furniture needs to be woven entirely by hand, high skills are required to make a fine piece of furniture. This has driven the price of such antique style furniture beyond the reach of many budgets.


The chairs and sitting stools shown in this page are unique, some of the antique style chairs will become rarer by the day. It is not just the price of heavy carved wood chairs that limits their availability, the fact is that artisans and craftsman with the necessary skills to make such maginificient and unique furniture are few today. The stained glass chairs shown in this report are pretty, they beautifully showcase the skills and talents of some very fine craftsmen. If you have ever had a look at the natural cane furniture where, the cane strips are woven on metal, wood or bamboo frames - we have an interesting note for you. On a recent trip in Thailand, we found chairs that look very similar to natural cane woven chairs at a restaurant, on close inspection we noticed that the cane was not natural but was infact made from plastic. If you take a look at the unique chairs shown on this web page you will notice that, not all of them are very expensive. Our objective is to put together a fine collection of unique chairs in terms of design, material or craftsmanship.


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