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Leisure can mean many things and each of us could describe leisure, based on the activities that we perform to feel relaxed. These general interest articles provide an informative form of leisure, we do not talk politics and do not browse news channel headlines for stories. Much of the information content in these general interest articles, will interest a wide range of readers. More importantly, the information that you get from these leisure and general interest articles will not be time stamped - they will will be relevant and interesting at all times. We will like to add that, Kaisilver has no business interests in the travel or tourism sector. The information we present here is compiled by our team, and there is no marketing flavor to the opinions that we present here. We are highend custom jewelry providers with an online presentation, you need purchase nothing from us to read the useful and interesting content that we publish.


feng shui, the art of living in harmony Feng shui is not about religion, the concepts of feng shui aim to help us lead a balanced life. As human beings we do not live alone on this planet, feng shui says that there is a relationship between us and the environment that we live in. The environment can consists of living creatures or even mere objects. For example, a mirror in a house that directly faces the main door, is not good feng shui. The place that we will in and even the office where we work, is part of the 'environment' as described by feng shui. The concepts of feng shui teach us that, there are good and bad energies. While you might never be able to completely eliminate the negative energies from your life, it is possible to reduce them. You should also aim to encourage and retain the positive energy that enters you and your work or office place. Interestingly feng shui, provides suggestions that help improve the feng shui in any place without, having to invest a lot of time and money. For example, having a toilet directly above the hall room of your home is not a good idea. But if you do have such a layout for your home, placing a few potted plants in the corner of the hall room can improve the feng shui of the place. So you do not have to actually break the house and restructure it. Our collection of feng shui reports can be reviewed here.  


diamonds in weddings and engagement

More than 50% of all engagement rings sold in Europe or the U.S today have diamonds in them. And more than 70% of these have diamonds as their primary stone - what we refer to as diamond engagement rings. While marketing hype and sales pitch has kept this tradition of diamonds for the occassion alive even today, it is interesting to know how it all began. Diamonds glitter, they are tough and they are 'forever', just like the love and affection expected between husband and wife. Long before DeBeers coined the marketing phrase 'Diamonds Are Forever', couples realized that diamonds symbolized a lot related to their personal relationship. Remember that diamonds are also precious and expensive. The Venetians called diamonds the 'Venus Stone', the goddess Venus inspires love, and the planet Venus shines bright in the sky on a dark clear sky. The introduction of diamond rings as engagement rings was first seen in the year 1477, history records that as the first occurence - they remain the most popular stone to signify the important events of engagement and wedding even today. We have compiled this sharp and short report on the subject for your reading pleasure here.


royal thai projects, exhibition at central world An impressive exhibition held at the Central World department store in Bangkok, Thailand showcased some of the amazing projects undertaken by the Thai Royal family - these projects are aimed at improving the life of local people in some of the remote villages of Thailand. While agriculture and farming are always top priority, the Central World fair also had a good sprinkling of products manufactured under these projects. The emphasis in every case is to make optimum use of local resources including, local people. Many exotic fruits and vegetables like passion fruit and avocados would have never made their debut in Thailand had it not been for the kind support of these royal sponsored projects. Traditional Thai fabrics generally pure cotton, were also on display at the Bangkok exhibition. Skirts, dresses, shawls and bags designed from colorful Thai cotton fabric woven in small village looms attracted many foreign and Thai visitors. While there were plenty of snacks and processed foods to eat, we were absolutely delighted to taste the refreshing avocados with coconut ice cream. We left the exhibition happy and grateful for the untiring efforts of the Thai Royal family ... more.


traditional thai pottery, ceramics and benjarong from Thailand The origin of pottery in every civilization was dictated by needs, pottery in various forms was required for daily use. Thai pottery began with similar needs but, traditional pottery gradually became infused with art and design - something that comes naturally to many Thais. Benjarong the finely painted Thai ceramic potter has it's roots in the royal palaces but today, Thais in general and even foreigners are impressed by the spectacular beauty of benjarong. Certain parts of Thailand are well known for their typical pottery products, Ratchaburi a province located around 100km from Bangkok is one such example. Historically, this province was well known for it's baked mud clay pottery. An important thing to note about traditional pottery from Thailand is that, raw material that was locally found was the main component of the pottery. Ceramic as distinguished from mud clay, requires a sand and clay that is light in color, ancient Thai artisans found such material in some of the northern provinces of the country. Our team has put together an interesting report on traditional Thai pottery, the report is studded with some very well presented photographs and we do hope that you will appreciate the effort ... more.


You could visit Thailand at any time of the year and end up experiencing something unique and exciting. The heat and traffic jams of Bangkok might put you off but, take it as a part of the adventure. Around October and November each year, there are two amazing festivals celebrated in the country. One is Loy Krathong where decorated floats are sailed in the river, the other is about vegetarian food. Spending a holiday in Bangkok or Thailand for a vegetarian traveler can pose some challenges but luckily, smartphones, tablets and the internet have made that much easier. The Thai and Chinese celebrate the famous vegetarian festival in the country, for those 10-15 days, vegetarian food can be found just about everywhere. Chiangmai in the North, Phuket in the South and China Town in Bangkok, choose one of these places and make sure that you do not miss on the delicious Thai and Chinese vegetarian food dishes. The festival has much more than just vegetarian food but, for most of us it is the wide range and dazzling array of vegetarian food that is the main attraction. The festival requires ingredients like onions, garlic and any other ingredient with a strong or pungent smell, to be kept off the menu. Coconut ice cream, mock meat and fish and a range of traditionally non-vegetarian Thai food dishes are specially prepared in a completely vegetarian form ... more .


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