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Waterfalls In Thailand

Interesting Places To See In Thailand, Water Falls

The Natural Beauty Of Thailand, Natural Waterfalls Great Sightseeing Spots

Waterfalls in Thailand make for a great sightseeing trip. Tall green trees and flowing water will soothe every mind. If you are interested in experiencing the natural beauty of Thailand, include a visit to at least one waterfall during your vacation. Most waterfalls and natural parks in Thailand are well maintained and clean. Like waterfalls all over the world, visitors can climb up the 'steps' of the waterfall. You will find around 5 to 7 steps in most Thai waterfalls, remember that the climb gets tougher as you move up the steps. When you compare the force with which the water flows from top to bottom, the lower steps show a more calm and lazy water flow. As you climb up the steps of the waterfall, the water seems to be in a great hurry to come gushing down. The lower steps of the waterfall do not allow you to hear the water flow but, as you climb higher the sound of the gushing water provides a refreshing sound track. Notice the rocks that lay scattered in the water, the weathered rocks have been there for many decades and form interesting arrangements. You could carefully climb on to one of these rocks and get a few breathtaking photos but, remember that the rocks can be very slippery. A fall could break your camera lens or a few bones, so move around with extreme care. Most waterfalls have fish swimming in the flatter water surfaces, don't try feeding the fish with burgers or other snacks. Street stalls generally sell long string beans or other food that can be fed to the fish. It might be a good idea to carry an extra set of clothing when you make a visit to a waterfall, sitting wet in a car on the drive back might not be very comfortable. Prepare yourself with a pair of waterproof slippers or shoes, we do not recommend climbing hard rocks with bare feet. However if all you have brought along is a pair of high heeled shoes, you might be safer walking with bare feet. You might want to read our report on safety tips regarding waterfalls, it has some useful information to prepare you for the trip. Check out the complete report here .

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Splendid greenery scattered rocks and boulders weathered by the falling waters. Waterfalls in Thailand make an excellent outing, prepare to spend a whole day at these natural sightseeing spots in Thailand. You might want to take along an extra pair of clothes, don't forget those water proof shoes too. Most natural parks and waterfall areas are maintained well but, beware of slippery rocks. Most waterfalls are arranged in a step form, the view gets more breathtaking as you get on the higher steps. Higher steps can also get more steep when you climb up, it might be tough when coming down too.

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Enveloped by trees, this is the around around the lowest portions of the waterfall. The water flows around the rocks with little or no sound, as if tip toeing around the water weathered rocks. Judging from the rounded edges of the rocks, the water movement could have been more strong in the past. The canopy of trees cast dark shadows over the water giving this place, a cool and pleasant look even in the mid afternoon. If you venture towards the rocks, keep in mind that they are quite slippery. High heels and heavy bags do not make good companions for a visit to any waterfall.

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This waterfall had around seven steps in all, the photograph was taken around the second or third step. The water was gushing more forcefully and bringing huge fish along with it. Notice the rickety bridge on the top right portion of the image. It is a small wooden bridge with loosely fitted planks on the floor. We would not attempt to cross the bridge if there was a crowd of more than 6 to 7 people standing on it. Gaps were noticed in between the planks that made the floor and some planks seemed to have come off on one side! But, the view of the water below from the top of the bridge was amazing.

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We noticed thousands of fish in the water around the natural park. These fish were around 18 to 24 inches long and appeared to be well fed. The interesting thing was that the fish at these waterfalls ate long string beans! As you enter the natural park, you will find around a dozen stalls selling these long string beans. If you would like to feed the fish, be prepared to carry those beans and climb towards the water falls. Needless to say that, fishing in the waterfalls or catching the fish in any other way is strictly prohibited. The above image captures an interesting scene, the fish on the slab seemed to be 'sitting' there and were in no hurry to swim off the slab.

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