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Bio Products In Thailand

Bio Products Fair In Bangkok, Thailand

The 'go green' concept has touched almost every profession, function, activity and product. The bio products which basically are products made from nature based resources, are more than a mere fashion now. While Europe and America give prime importance to bio products, countries like Thailand have made great strides in producing bio based products. The Kaisilver team took some time out of the gems and jewelry arena and visited, a bio product fair in Bangkok Thailand. The interest in the products can be seen on two fronts. Many of the bio products displayed at the Thailand fair, are not new to the Thais. However the advancement in packaging and presentation of these products has been impressive.

Kaisilver is not involved in any of the bio products presented here. While we do appreciate and even use many of these products - we do not have any business interest in these products. All we intend to do is to present the trends and developments in the bio based product sector in Thailand. The information is provided for the general public, we do not recommend or sponsor any of these products.

bio products from thailand
Very interesting packaging for this bio product, the shape of the bottle and labelling are very attractive. It is also true that the method of cultivation and the processes used to clean and pack the products have all made great strides.



bio products tea in Thailand
The Thais love tea, all types of teas. They drink it hot or cold, here is an interesting bio product - mulberry herbal tea. Neatly packed in dip-type sachets, you could conveniently and quickly prepare a nutritous drink for yourself.


bio based products, from thailand
The above range of bio based products are food seasoning flavours bottled in convenient sizes. While the contents of the bottles are well known to the Thais, the type of packaging is something that not many Thais will come across. The international interest in Thai food dishes ensures that such bio products have a ready international market.


brown rice porridge, bio based products in thailand
Organically grown unpolished or partially polished (brown rice) is very popular in Thailand. Medically proven to reduce blood sugar and cholestrol, brown rice in consumed in various forms. Here is a bio product, brown rice porridge with dried ripe banana pieces. Easy to cook and filled with nutrition.


bio based product, environment friendly boxes from rice plants
Rice is a major agricultural product in Thailand. The above boxes are produced from the dried stalk of rice plants. Using the dried stalk and bio based glues, the material is compressed into sheets. These are then cut and glued to form useful articles, pen stands and even bio based product packagings.


organic rice in thailand
An amazing variety of organically grown rice. The color of the rice is largely due to the various degrees to which the rice seeds have been polished. The darker variety of rice seeds are called black rice and are also naturally grown. When cooked, the seeds turn from black to a deep purple color. The lower the extent of polishing done on the rice seeds, the higher the nutritional content. Rice was a major exhibit at this (end every) Thai product show.


thai bio based fabric and fabric colors
Also at the bio product fair were the famous Thai cotton fabrics. Traditionally these cotton fabrics are woven by hand operated looms. The colors used in these fabric are also derived from nature based products. In recent times, factories are taking over the hand based operations and mass producing 'look-alike' fabric.


bio based food dishes, disposable nature based dishes
The country consumes tonnes of styro-foam packagings each year. Here is an interesting option, made from totally bio degradable material these food dishes are for single use and very moderately priced. The products used are derived from nature, an environmentally friendly option.


organic soaps, bio based soaps in thailand
Oranic soaps, also called herbal soaps - these fruit and vegetable based soaps actually smell and look delicious. Honey, fruit extract and even vegetable pulp are added to these soaps. The soaps claim to beautify and keep your skin healthy and clean.


organically frown vegetables in Thailand
The demand for healthy foods has grown at home and abroad. Farms producing organically grown vegetables and fruits can now be seen in various parts of Thailand. It is true that much of this organic produce is a bit expensive for most people in Thailand.

The true value of bio based products can be realized when bio based materials are fully processed and are presented in a ready to use or consume form. The bio base materials used in the above products have been available in Thailand for centuries. Many Thais have been eating brown (unpolished) rice for decades, the cotton cloth with agri-based colors have been woven and in Thailand for a few centuries too. However it is only now that the 'back to nature' trend has made the country realize it's full potential as a bio based producer. Both local and international markets are now aware of the benefits of such products - the market exists and the future looks bright.

We do hope that you have found this Kaisilver leisure report to be interesting. The products shown in this report are neither produced nor marketed by us. They are meant to give an idea of what is available and developing in the bio based sector in Thailand.


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