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Thai Food In San Francisco

Kaisilver Lists Thai Cuisine In The San Francisco Area

Few visitors to Thailand forget the delicious Thai food that they have eaten during their vacation to the country. It is not suprising that the San Francisco area of the United States has a generous sprinkle of Thai food restaurants. Thai cuisine in San Francisco is available in a number of places, the choice is amazing. We have listed two full pages of Thai food outlets in SF, you should ofcourse check up with the place to ensure that it is open on the day and time that you wish to visit them.

Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider, has a few recommendations to make when ordering thai cuisine. It is true that most of the Thai restraurants in the United States have their food moderated to suit the local taste. Some members of the Kaisilver crew, visited a few Thai restaurants in San Francisco and were impressed by the authentic flavor of the Thai food served at these places. We do not wish to make any specific recommendations related to the place, we will make general suggestions that will be useful for lovers of Thai food.

When you choose to order Thai food, always request for a moderately spiced dish. Favorite Thai dishes like the Tom Yum Kung, can be very very hot and fiery! You might be impressed by the large and rather mild chillies used in Thai cuisine but, most dishes combine the fine hot chillies with the larger less hot ones. Almost all the Thai food outlets in San Francisco have Thai food dishes with fish, pork, beef and prawns. If you have any specific preference, make sure that you explain this to the waiter or waitress. A very popular ingredient in many Thai cuisine recipes, is coconut milk and cream. These can be used in hot and spicey dishes and even in sweet desserts, fortunately most people do not mind coconut milk and cream in their food.

Most Thai restraunts in Thailand and overseas recommend spring rolls as appetizers or starters. These are generally prepared and kept ready and fried in the last minute as they get ordered. This ofcourse gives the cooks some more time to work on the main food that was ordered. While only few of the Kaisilver staff ate the Thai spring rolls in the Thai cuisine served at San Francisco, they have something important to tell you. The fried spring rolls come very hot (temperature) to the table. It is not uncommon for first time eaters to cut a spring roll into two and place a piece in their mouth. Beware, the filling inside the spring rolls can be very hot and can easily burn your tongue. To be on the safer side, cut the spring roll into two and leave the separated pieces for about 2 minutes before starting to eat them. Some Thai restaurants offer different fillings for spring rolls, you can make your choice and once again request for a modestly spicey filling.

We present a list of Thai cuisine outlets in the San Francisco area of the United States below, do remember that are not related to any of them and the list is provided by way of information only. Kaisilver has a customer base in San Francisco but, all jewelry is sold online and manufactured in Thailand.


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Another Monkey 280 Valencia St Btwn 14th & Brosnan St Valencia Street
Baan Thai House & Wine Bar Clement St Btwn 22nd & 23rd Ave Clement Street
Bai Som 2121 Clement St Btwn 22nd & 23rd Ave Clement Street
Bai Thong 298 Gough St Gough Street
Banana House 321 Kearny St Kearny Street
Bang San Thai Cuisine 791 O'Farrell St O'Farell Street
Bangkok 900 900 Stanyan St Stanyan Street
Bangkok Best 301 Kearny St Kearny Street
Bangkok Express Thai Cuisine 333 Bush St Bush Street
Bangkok Noodles & Thai BBQ 110 Powell St Powell Street
Basil 1175 Folsom St  Btwn 7th & 8th St Folsom Street
Basil Canteen 1489 Folsom St Folsom Street
Be My Guest Thai Bistro 951 Clement St Clement Street
Benjarong 1968 Lombard St Lombard Street
Best of Thai Noodle 1418 Haight St Haigh Street
Blue Star Elephant Thai 803 Cortland Ave Btwn Gates & Ellsworth St Cortland Avenue
Cha Am 701 Folsom St Folsom Street
Chabaa Thai Cuisine 2123 Irving St At 22nd Ave Irving Street
Chai Yo 1331 Polk St  Btwn Bush & Pine St  Polk Street
Chiang Mai 5020 Geary Blvd At 14th Ave Geary Boulevard
Chili Lemon Garlic 518 Bryant St Bryant Street
Chilli Cha Cha 494 Haight St Haigh Street
Chilli Cha Cha 2 3166 24th St Btwn S Van Ness Ave & Shotwell St Shotwell Street
Coriander Gourmet Thai 865 Market St  At 5th St Market Street
Crepe and Curry 5 Embarcadero Ctr Btwn Sacramento & California St  Embaracadero Center
Dusit 3221 Mission St At Valencia St Mission Street
Evergreen Garden 3100 18th St At Harrison St Harisson Street
Gatip 2205 Lombard St At Steiner St Lombard Street
Hai's Restaurant 227 Hyde St Btwn Eddy & Turk St Hyde Street
Jitlada 1826 Buchanan St Btwn Sutter and Bush St Buchanan Street
Jitra Thai Cuisine 2545 Ocean Ave Btwn 19th Ave & Junipero Serra Blvd Ocean Avenue
Khan Toke Thai House 5937 Geary Blvd At 24th Ave Geary Boulevard
King of Thai Noodle Cafe 1541 Taraval St Btwn 25th & 26th Ave Taraval Street
King of Thai Noodle House 420 Geary St, At Mason St Mason Street
King of Thai Noodle House 346 Clement St, Btwn 4th & 5th Ave Clement Street
King of Thai Noodle House 1507 Sloat Blvd, Btwn Springfield & Everglade Dr Sloat Boulevard
King Of Thai Noodle House 1268 Grant Ave, Btwn Columbus Ave & Vallejo St Vallego Street
King of Thai Noodle House 184 O'Farrell Street, Between Stockton & Powell St O'Farrell Street
Koh Samui & The Monkey 415 Brannan St Btwn 3rd & 4th St Brannan Street
Ladda's Thai Cuisine 1225 La Playa St,At Lincoln Way La Playa Street
Lalita 96 McAllister St, At Leavenworth St McAllister Street
Lanna Thai Restaurant 1245 Noriega St, Btwn 19th & 20th Ave Noriega Street
Lemongrass 2348 Polk St At Union St Polk Street
Lers Ros 730 Larkin St, Btwn O'Farrell & Ellis St Larkin Street
Lime Tree 450 Irving St, Btwn 5th & 6th Ave Irving Street
Little Bangkok 845 Irving St, Between 9th & 10th Ave Irving Street
Little Thai 2065 Polk Street,At Broadway Polk Street
Malai Thai 3189 16th Street Btwn Guerrero & Valencia 16th Street
Manivanh Thai 2732 24th St, At Potrero Ave Potrero Avenue
Manora's Thai Cuisine 1600 Folsom St | At 12th St Folsom Street

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If you are wondering where to find Thai food in the San Franciso area, the wide choice could easily confuse you. Most Thai restraunts in the U.S.A that have remained in business for 2 years or more, should be fine. The rents in San Francisco, are not cheap and less popular eating establishments would have put shutters down by now. If you see the list of Thai food restraunts shown above, the right most column gives the street name. This is useful since you might want to go to a place near your present location. The Clement street is where a fairly large number of Thai cuisine outlets are located in SF. The King of Thai Noodle seems to have a chain of Thai food outlets in San Francisco, the street names do give the idea that they are not very close to each other. Visiting a chain of food outlets under the same management can be interesting or boring, depending on how you look at it. You could expect each of these Thai restraunts under same ownership, to have a similar menu and similar flavor for the Thai cuisine that they cook. Some people might get easily bored with such a uniformity whereas others, might appreciate the fact that they are sure of what will be served and how the food would taste.

When you do find a restaurant, remember to request for a name card of the place. You might also want to ask the manager, if there are more Thai restaurants in San Francisco or the United States under the same management. Things that should keep you away from any Thai cuisine outlet is bad service, impolite staff, unclean conditions. We did not jump to list the food as one of the reasons because, most cooks can adjust and tune a Thai food recipe to suit your liking.

The Kaisilver team that visited San Francisco will not comment much on the prices of various Thai food outlets. Being from Thailand, they are aware that Thai food in the United States would be many times more expensive than back home! Kaisilver jewelry is not sold through jewelry stores in San Francisco or anywhere in the U.S.A. Our highend custom made jewelry can be ordered online and is shipped across the globe. We would once again like to mention that Kaisilver or it's associated resources, do not have any business interests in any of the Thai restaurants mentioned in the lists published on this website.


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Kaisilver is not associated with any of the Thai food outlets mentioned in the above list. Our custom made jewelry is shipped across the world and is crafted by some of Thailand's finest craftsmen.


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