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Flowers In Thailand 

Thai Flowers Pretty Images    

Here is an image collection of Thai flowers, don't know their botanical names but these flowers look very pretty. While Chiangmai in Thailand and a few other northern provinces are famous for their flower and fruit gardens, you can find some nice Thai flowers in many other provinces too. Flowers are used on many occassions in Thailand and other Asian countries. Given the fact that much of Thailand reels under the heat of hot summers and not so cold winters, the flowers are those that can grow in such warm conditions.

We have not tried to make this a botanical expedition. Remember that the Kaisilver team that maintains this website are gem and jewelry experts and not scientists. However this provides a fresh and exclusive approach since these Thai flowers would be attractive to everyone. The flowers you see on this page have not been imaged at any exotic flower festival, they were found growing in various places without much attention or care. Another very interesting thing about flowers from Thailand is that, there is a large market for artificial flowers made  paper, cloth and even Thai silk. Dried flowers are also sold in packets, keeping these in the corner of a room or office are supposed to take off any bad smell that might be present there.

Thailand exports a lot of flowers to countries in Asia, Europe and even America. Export quality flowers need to follow the norms and regulations related to rules in the importing country. However in general, it should be presumed that pesticides would be used in flower gardens. For this reason, avoid eating flowers or using them in fruit drinks. Some large companies produce canned juice made from certain flowers, crysenthimum is often used for such drinks.

thai flowers, white flower from Thailand
This white flower was photographed atop a hill. If you looked down the slope there were thick shrubs and a few trees. This is quite a common Thai flower but, the image captures a nice stem with two flowers next to each other. The light dash of yellow in the center of the white flower adds to the beauty of the flower.

nice flowers among the grass, Thailands beautiful flowers
These plants grew side by side with the grass that you can see in the photograph. A very interesting flower from Thailand, the outer part of the flower is a very pale violet more like lavendar shade. The color seems to saturate as you move towards the center of the flower. Once again, the flowers were imaged in the open with natural surroundings.

 Nice pink flowers, this flower plant was planted near a temple gate. No one seemed to be taking any particular care of the plant, but the flower would surely give joy and pleasure to anyone who cares to take a look. The leaves of this plant were deep green and rather thick. Some effort was required to get the flowers in focus and keep the background a bit hazy.

bunch of flowers in Thailand
A very pretty sight, we are not able to categorise this as a single flower or a group of flowers. In any case no matter what it is, the natural creation looks gorgeous. The image shot under the bright sunlight allows a pretty contrast between the green leaves and the red flower.

beautiful red flowers, hills and greenery backdrop
These red flowers were shot from the roof top verandah of a temple in Thailand. The branch of the plant seems to have some sharp pointed thorns. A nice sturdy stem probably allows the plant to keep moisture within it. In the background are hills and greenery.

flowers from Thailand
Not sure whether these are flowers or fruit. A knowledgeable person saw this image and commented that they are probably fruits that belong to the tomato family! Not sure but, we prefer to call them unique yellow flowers.

pink flowers from Thailand
The leaves of this pink flower plant seem to have a dull matt type of finish. The flowers themselves appear to grow in formation. Some of the bunches had about five pink flowers. On ageing, these flowers start to dry and have a nice brownish pink color before fully drying up. The pink flowers on the extreme right of the image are in the drying stage.

yellow and red flowers
Many flowers in Thailand can be found in more than one color. The above image shows bunches of yellow flowers and red flowers, both belonging to the same type. These flowers were grown in hot and humid conditions but, seem to be well looked after.

Flowers are one of natures finest gifts to mankind. The colors, shapes and even smell of flowers can encourage various feeling and moods in a person. Scientists tell us that the work of a flower is to attract insects which help pollination. But today the use of flowers can be seen in almost every aspect of daily life. The colors and smell of various flowers has inspire many manmade creations. Events like plant and flower festivals allow us to see and admire flowers from all over the globe. It is not uncommon for flower plants to be grown at home. We have a report on the Chiangmai flower and plant exhibition here.


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