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Thailand Fair, Bangkok

Interesting Fair At Central World Bangkok 

Sunday is generally a low traffic day in Bangkok, the city is well known for it's notorious traffic snarls. We drove to Central World in the heart of the business district of Bangkok, the drive did encounter some rather long traffic light stops but, the trip was worth every bit of the effort. Our destination was not a shopping spree, we were there to visit a unique fair set up on the premises of Central World. This fair paid tribute to the untiring efforts of the Thai Royal family to help better the life of Thai people. The amazing collection of fruits, flowers and vegetables were the main attraction - amazing farm produce that you would not see very often in Bangkok. The royals are also known to provide support to village made textiles and handicrafts and the fair boasted of some of the best you could find. The fair organizers were as expected, very polite and helpful, the visitors were all grateful and happy to see the exhibits. In one portion of the Central World exhibition was one of the most crowded sections of the fair - farm produce from the Royal sponsored projects were on sale, fresh vegetables and fruits, many of them very hard to find in regular markets. Since pictures speak louder than words, we have compiled these exclusive images for your viewing pleasure.


big pumpkin thailand, central world fair
One of the big attractions at the Central World - Royal Projects fair in Bangkok. A spectacular pumpkin at least 8 to 10 times larger than what you would normally expect to find in a vegetable market. The corner that exhibited this big pumpkin was surely the most photographed portion of the fair - visitors took pictures using their smart phones and tablets, the serious shutterbugs clicked away on their more advanced camera equipment.


hill tribe fabrics from Thailand
Cotton fabrics woven in small villages across Thailand. Home based looms produce traditionally colored fabric with designs that typically represent the province in which they were made. You can find such Thai cotton fabric cut to make shirts, shawls and dresses in weekend markets in Bangkok. Interestingly, it is foreigners from the United States and other European nations that are most impressed by their beauty.


thailand cloth hand woven
Hand woven cotton fabric from Thailand, while the colors and methods used to make these Thai fabrics remain traditional, innovative designers have included this fabric in contemporary styles like shirts, fashion tops and skirts. At a time when 'organic' is the buzz word, true cotton fabrics are bound to fascinate fashion stylists.


thailand mushrooms, royal projects fair in Bangkok
Mushrooms form an important ingredient in Thai food, they are nutritious and filling. By encouraging the cultivation of a wide variety of mushrooms, the Thai Royal family helps local farmers earn a living by selling these mushrooms. Both fresh and dried mushrooms have a robust demand all year round, something that works to the benefit of hard working farmers.


passion fruit thailand, royal sponsored farming
The goodness of passion fruit, one of the very interesting fruits on display at the Thai Royal projects fair held in Central World fair. Thais are gradually becoming aware of such exotic fruits and learning about the benefits they bring to health.


sweet pepper colors from Thailand Bangkok
The natural goodness of sweet peppers, capturing the amazing colors of these peppers was a pleasure. Another farm produce from royally sponsored projects in Thailand. What is more important is that, all the farm produce shown here is cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers. The benefits of pure organic farm cultivation are clearly established today, it is time that the world worked to reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers and insecticides.


tomato juice packed in Thailand
100% pure tomato juice extracted from organically cultivated tomatoes. The process of canning and preserving farm produce holds the key to improving the life of Thai farmers, several Thai Royal projects have helped educate villagers on issues related to preserving farm produce. These products help make better use of bumper harvests that can often result in a significant drop in prices for the farmer.


thailand bio based organic soaps, creams and lotions
Tremendous potential for the country, organically produced soaps, shampoos and creams. Made to strict quality standards and packed attractively with high utility value. The royal projects exhibition at Central World in Bangkok, showcased some of these amazing products. Asia has been the birthplace for medicinal plants and traditional medicines, the introduction of bio based cosmetics adds a new dimension to organically grown farm produce.


thailand avocado with coconut ice cream
A mouth watering delicacy available at the Royal Projects fair in Bangkok. Interestingly most Thais had never seen and many had never heard, about avocados before the royally sponsored projects encouraged the cultivation of avocados. An interesting delicacy available at the Bangkok exhibition was ripe avocado pieces topped with refreshing coconut ice cream.


We left the fair at Central World with a feeling of pride, satisfaction and gratefulness. The diverse projects sponsored by the Thai Royal family is truly amazing and each one of these, has positively helped improve the life of Thais. It would indeed be very good if Thai businesses adapt the benefits of these projects to serve a wider population base. In doing so, they should follow the teachings of the Thai Royals - give maximum benefit to the needy, protect the environment and reduce the use of chemical stimulants in the cultivation of crops, fruits and vegetables.


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