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Thai Design, Traditional Designs From Thailand

The Amazing Grace And Beauty Of Thai Designs    

This section includes some great examples of Thai design. All the photographs on this page show traditional Thai design, ceramics, fabric, wood carvings and even Thai fabric designs. Ceramics in Thailand have for long been designed with artistic designs and fancy colors. Benjarong is one type of Thai ceramic ware that originated in the palaces of the kingdom. Today Benjarong is available to everyone and is known across the globe. The large ceramic urns that you see on this page at first glance, appear much like Chinese ceramic ware. Take a closer look and you will see that the detailed designs on the ceramic are very much Thai.

thai design in ceramic large ceramic urns from thailand
These are some grogeous Thai designs in ceramics. The ceramic urns seen above are in the size range of 1.5 feet to a little under 3 feet. While the color combinations on these Thai design ceramics have a clear Chinese influence, the designs themselves are very much Thai.

Below is a very intricate lamp seen in a Thai temple. The attention to detail is clearly visible in this lamp, this is even more impressive if you consider that the huge Thai temple complex had almost 50 such lamps. The interesting thing is that this classic Thai design is antique in style but has been recently made and installed. Temple renovations are carefully done to retain the traditional Thai design. 

Thai design, artistic temple designs
Seen in a temple outside the bustling city of Bangkok. This is a very large temple complex and you probably would come across no less than 50 such lamps. The intricate design perfectly executed gives you an idea of how important Thai design is to the culture and tradition of the country.

An amazing example of Thai architecture is seen in the image below. This temple is a newly constructed place and is situated outside the bustling city of Bangkok. In this case Thai temple designs reflected traditions and customs. Parts of the temple are intricately made by dozens of skilled craftsmen and artisans. They are then brought on location and assembled to form such wonders.

thai design, traditional architecture in thai temple designs
Not one of the very old temples in Thailand. However this recently constructed Thai temple maintains the original style and design of traditional Thai temples. Observe the small details on this classic Thai temple design and you can imagine the tremendous effort that goes into the design and construction of such awesome Thai architecture.

Thai Benjarong ceramics proudly displayed at an exhibition in Bangkok. Such Thai ceramics are available in all sizes and designs. Some of these ceramic pieces can be as tall as 4 to 5 feet, the colors on these ceramics are bright and lively. While the original benjarong ware was used in daily life in the palaces, much of todays Thai Benjarong ware are kept as show pieces.

thai design ceramics
Thai bejarong is a tradition that originated in the royal palaces many centuries ago. Today you will still find some very dedicated artisans producing these stunning Thai ceramic designs. Seen at an annual exhibition, these ceramic designs are truly awesome. Thai ceramic designs can be seen on ceramic wares that are as small as a few inches and go right up to the large vases and urns that can be as large as 4 to 5 feet.

The images taken by the Kaisilver team capture the essence and sanctity of this historic park. The gorgeous plant formations are also shown in the photos. We have tried to show the big Buddha statue from many angles and imaged from various distances. The grounds are so very big that it rarely seems crowded. However special functions are sometimes held in these grounds and the place can get very crowded during that time.

thai design, thailand wood carving
A hill top temple in the Chantaburi province of Thailand has this amazing wood carving. It is basically the entire bark of a tree and has been intricately carved all around. The Thai design is clearly visible and piece is priceless. On the lower right is a greenish stone, which is a solid jade rock.

Wood carvings are another area where some outstanding Thai designs can be observed. While Thai wood carvings can be seen on doors, tables, chairs and various small objects. The above wood carving is a huge piece of art. An entire bark of a tree that is around 6 to 7 feet high has been carved in great detail. The carving is done all around the bark and not just the front. This stunning piece of Thai art was seen at a temple on a small hill in Thailand. Various other objects of art can be seen to the right of the carved tree.

Thai design, hill tribe fabrics
These are tradition fabric designs from Thailand. The northern part of Thailand is hilly and winters can be very cold. The cottons used to produce these fabrics is therefore quite thick. Though such Thai fabric designs are today produced in mechanized units, the basic feel and colors have been retained.

Thai silk with it's artistic designs is not the only attractive fabric that you will find in Thailand. The above image shows cotton fabric in traditional Thai designs. This is the material that is used by hill tribes in the northern part of Thailand. In the old days, natural colors derived from mud, fruits and barks of trees was used to add color and beauty to fabric. Much of these fabrics are today produced in factories but efforts are made to retain traditional designs. You might find that these cotton fabrics are quite thick but, that probably was meant to handle the cold winters in the hilly regions of North Thailand.

Thai temple designs
This is a closer view of an interesting portion of the temple shown above. The design of this temple is mindboggling. Each part was most likely designed seperately before being transported to the temple site and assembled. Every symbol and object that you see in this Thai design has a traditional story attached to it.

Temples have always been an integral part of Thai life. It is then no wonder that most Thai temples reflect the artistic skills of Thai craftsmen. The image shown above gives you a closeup view of the temple image shown earlier in this section. When it comes to Thai temple designs, clear influence from mythological beliefs and traditions is visible. Every object in this Thai temple design has a specific meaning that is deeply rooted in Thai culture.

Thai wood carving, wood designs from Thailand
You do not have to be very religious to appreciate the beauty of this Thai wood carving. This photograph was taken at the Golden Mount temple in Bangkok. Adorning one of the walls was this aweseome wood carving. It is almost 15 to 20 feet long. There was no way to check whether the entire wood design was carved on one single piece of wood.

If you ever visit a Thai temple, make sure that you take a good look around. It is not just religion and customs that adorn these places. The Thai wood carving that you see above is exhibited in the Golden Mount temple. This temple is in Bangkok and you will have to climb through open stairs to reach the top. The design on this Thai wood carving is amazing and soothing. It took our team several minutes to take their eyes off this beauty.

thai gemstone design, a yellow sapphire studded fish
One of the annual jewelry and gemstone exhibitions outside Bangkok flaunted this extravagant display. Thai designs in jewelry have always been respected across the globe, this large fish is around 2 feet long. It has been cast from gold and is studded with several thousand carats of genuine yellow sapphires.

The gems and jewelry industry has been the backbone of the Thai economy. An annual exhibition is held in Chantaburi province, about 350km away from Bangkok. The Kaisilver team went to visit this exhibition and were amazed at the beautiful exhibit shown above. This is basically a gold fish (around 2 feet long) and studded with yellow sapphires. Many thousand carats of yellow sapphire gems were needed to produce this beauty.

Temple windows, artistic Thai designs seen in a temple
Tremendous effort and time is invested in constructing Thai temples. These are one of the best places to see and appreciate Thai design in it's traditional form. The above picture shows the outside of temple windows. The frames are absolutely stunning. The temple windows themselves are made of wood and open into the temple.

You are unlikely to every see windows that are more gorgeous than those shown in the above image. This image is taken from the outside of a temple. The actual windows are made of wood and open into the temple. The design on these window frames is amazing and is a great example of how traditional Thai design continues to flourish even today.

Thailand designs, artistic temple door
Traditional design and culture has been intensely retained and practised in Thai life. This amazing design was seen on a temple door. Make sure that you look around for such stunning creations when you visits Thai temples, no knowledge of religion is required to appreciate such sheer beauty.

A temple on the outskirts of Bangkok had an awesome door that was decorated with this design. The pitch black door is decorated with an artistic design in gold color. Considering the fact that this door was more than 10 feet high, it was an amazing piece of art.


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