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Sydney Opera House

Encouraging Arts From Australia And Around The World

The sydney opera house was designed by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon. An interesting thing is that Jorn was a relatively unknown architect before he designed the sydney opera house. So why was Jorn Utzon selected to design this prestigious center for Australian performing arts. Here is the true story, one that brought global recognition to Sydney and ofcourse to Jorn.

In 1956 Joe Carhill who was then the premier of New South Wales announced an international competition. More than 200 entries were received by the competition with entries for the design structure of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Jorn Utzon's entry was number 218 and was selected for the design. This was the first major assigment for the Danish architect, who later went on to bag some very prestigious design jobs across the globe. After his work on Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon completed other architectural projects such as the Can Lis in Majorca (1972), Bagsvrd Church in Denmark (1976), the Kuwait National Assembly (1983), The Paustian Furniture Store in Copenhagen (1987) and Can Feliz in Majorca (1995).

opera house in sydney australia
A spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The design for this magnificient construction was selected from an international competition. Jorn Utzon then a relatively little known Danish architect sent in the winning entry.

The Sydney Opera House was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II on October 20, 1973, Utzon was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of Architects Australia but was not present at the opening ceremony. There is a strange reason for this, Jorn Utzon was taken off the position as chief architect for the Sydney Opera House in 1966. The reasons allegedly related to delays, schedules and over budgeting. It was a rather abrupt end to Utzon's role in creating a center that encouraged arts across the globe. Jorn Utzon left Australia with his family and never returned to Sydney again until his death in the year 2008.

The Sydney Opera House attracts performers and performances from all over the world. It is not just one single hall or stage and boasts of many options for those interested in encouraging and performing various forms or arts. The superb design and construction drew the attention of the UNESCO - and was in 2007, recognized as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. A distinction it shares with other venues like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Experts of the World Heritage Committee had this to say about the sydney opera house, "Sydney Opera House stands by itself as one of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity, not only in the 20th century but in the history of humankind."

performing arts center in australia, opera house sydney
A grand view of the sydney opera house, the sun having just set behind the building. The design blends perfectly with the bridge and the waters that run below. The venue is now recognized as an International Heritage site by the UNESCO.

The main concert hall situated in the sydney opera house can seat over 2,000 people. The concert stage itself covers a space of around 200 square meters. The drama theater housed in the venue can seat around 530 people, a medium sized theater with comfortably spaced seating arrangements. A large drama stage is given a depth of around 14 meters. The Forecourt is an extension that was subsequently added to the sydney opera house. This is an open air amphitheater giving a spectacular view of sydney harbour. The venue also houses one of the finest recording studios with the latest equipment backed by expert technicians.

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