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Puthamonthon In Nakhon Pathom

Sightseeing In Thailand, Big Buddha Statue At  Nakhon Pathom    

You need not be very religious minded to be impressed with the Puthamonthon park. The gardens in these grounds are spacious and very well maintained. The main attraction at Puthomonthon is the big standing Lord Buddha statue. Puthamonthon is located in the province of Nakhon Pathom. The place is sometimes referred to as "Buddha Monthon", so do not get confused if you see this reference. The park is huge covering and area of around 2,500 rai, this works out to 400 hectares.

places to see in thailand, large buddua statue at puthomonthon in Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand.
The big Lord Buddha statue in the Puthamonthon park is around 15.7 meters tall. This is about the height of a 5 storey building. The above image was taken from a fairly far distance. The white pedestal around the statue is where you will need to take off your shoes. It was a cloudy day and the clouds add to the beauty of this photograph.

If you visit this spectacular park make sure that you walk around and take in the peace and calm. As you move towards the center of the grounds where the tall Lord Buddha statue is located, you can hear no vehicle noise or other sounds from the surrounding busy roads. The statue is around 15.7 meters high and is widely believed to be the world's tallest freely standing Buddha statue. The Kaisilver team spent an afternoon at Nakhon Pathom Buddha Monthon park. It was an overcast cloudy day though quite hot and humid. The clouds hovering over the impressive Buddha statue provided a classic background, the images speak for themselves.

Buddha statue at the Puthamonthon park in Thailand.
A closer view of the Lord Buddha statue at the Puthomonthon park. Incense sticks and lotus buds are offered to the Lord. Remember to take off your shoes when in this part of the park. The marble area around the statue needs to be stepped on without your shoes or slippers.

A sight worth visiting on your trip to Thailand, combine it with some other interesting places in the same Nakhon Pathom province. Drive further and you can visit a historic temple called the 'Wat LaiKing', Wat is the Thai word for temple. Pay your respects to the holy statues in the temple and then walk to the river that flows behind the temple. You will come across dozens of visitors standing on a wooden path and feeding the fish in the river. Bread and food pellets are sold nearby, get ready to see thousands of fish grabbing the food that you throw into the water. Another must visit place in Nakhon Pathom is the Buddha Chedi, once again regarded as the tallesh Buddha stupa in the world.

Buddha Monthon in Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand.
This is a closer view of the offerings made by devotees at the Puthomonthon park. You can see the incense sticks stick into the large urns. Flowers and lotus buds are also offered to the Lord. Devotees generally kneel down bare footed in front of this statue. If you plan to stand up and take photographs, step back towards the wall and keep your voice low.

The construction of the Puthamonthon park started as early as 1957, the park was officially innaugrated during the Vishaka Bucha festival of that year. The park did not have the tall Buddha statue at that time, infact construction and development of the Buddha Monthon park came to a standstill after it's innaugration. The statue was completed much later in the year 1981. An interesting thing is that the design for the statue was completed way back in 1955 by a very respected professor or arts, Silpa Birasri. Construction resumed after a long break in 1976, this led to the completion of the big Buddha statue in the Puthamonthon park.

side view of the Lord Buddha statue at Nakhon Pathom's Puthamonthon park
This photograph was taken as we walked away from the tall statue of Lord Buddha. The cloud cover grew more dense and we could feel the rain drops coming down. If you should visit the Puthamonthon park during the rainy season and this can extend right upto November, consider including a small umbrella in your bag.

The images taken by the Kaisilver team capture the essence and sanctity of this historic park. The gorgeous plant formations are also shown in the photos. We have tried to show the big Buddha statue from many angles and imaged from various distances. The grounds are so very big that it rarely seems crowded. However special functions are sometimes held in these grounds and the place can get very crowded during that time.

beautiful gardens at the Nakhon Pathom Budda Monthon park.
Clean and well maintained plan formations at the Buddha Monthon park. The lawns are kept clean and tidy, make sure that you leave them that way when you head back home.

Not much of food is available on the grounds, you can buy a bottle of cold water though. Souvenirs include smaller replicas of the big Buddha statue in the grounds. Religious books and T-shirts carring the image of the big statue can also be purchased. Remember that the place is of great religious importance, dress decently, avoid shouting and talking loudly. If you carry a snack or two with you, there is no regulation against eating it at the Puthomonthon ground but, make sure that you clean up the leftovers and any wrappings that you brought along.

green lawns at the Budha monthon parks
Lots of greenery at the park, gardners toil in the hot sun to create and maintain some truly gorgeous plant formations. Do not throw any garbage around the place. If you do have a snack on the grounds make sure that you do not discard any wrappings or packagings on these well maintained lawns.

The big Buddha statue is mounted on a wide pedestal, walk on the marbled floor and offer the incense sticks and lotus flower that is available at the site. Take off your shoes as you step on the marble floor. We would suggest that you do one simple thing. Sit on the marble flower legs folded and stare at the top of the statue, you will experience a strong feeling of calm and inner peace. Remember that you can respect another religion without having to change or give up your own religion.

Buddha monthon park at Nakhon Pathom in Thailand
This photograph was taken by our staff while looking out from the raised marble portion where the big Buddha statue is mounted. You can spend an hour walking around the lawns, ofcourse this presumes that the day is not too hot or humid.

If you plan to include the Puttha Monthon on your sightseeing trip to Thailand, keep a few things in mind. Nakhon Pathom is a fairly large province in Thailand. The Puthamonthon itself can be accessed in around 1.5 hours from Bangkok by car or van. Keep about 1 hour for walking around the Puthamonthon lawns and grounds. It is a good idea to combine this trip with other places nearby. More importantly, behave and dress decently when visiting this place. It is expected that you talk in a low voice and not disrespect or insult the true feelings of the Thais.

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