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Packaging Fair In Bangkok

Interesting Things At The Package Fair In Bangkok, Thailand    

At Kaisilver we have always encouraged our staff to widen their interests as this is the best way to develop an open mind. It is also proved that an open mind is more likely to aide creativity flourish. You will therefore find the Kaisilver teams visiting places that have little to do with gemstones and jewelry. As one of the world's leading custom jewelry providers we feel that it is necessary to take an active part in social and environment development. The images below were taken at the Bangkok packaging fair. While there were numerous booths displaying the latest technologies to develop plastic cans, bags and bottles, another interesting trend was also noticed. A sincere effort was being made to develop alternative products, much of this was related to the environment.

corrugated sheet sofa set, paper cardboard sofa set
This is an entire sofa set made from hardboard actually corrugated sheets if you want to be more specific. It is the kind of material that large cartons are made of. We did see a few adults actually sit on this sofa set but, have no idea about how much weight these corrugated sheet sofas could take.

The above image shows an entire sofa set with center table. The very interesting thing about this corrugated sofa set was that, you could actually sit on the sofa! We did see a few adults sit on the cardboard sofas but none of them were really heavy weights! It is interesting to know that the entire corrugated board sofa set came in a knocked down form. Markings on the corrugated sheets showed where to fold them and get the complete assembled set. It is not sure where such sofas would be suitable but, if you consider that most of the corrugated sheets produced today use recycled paper, it is worth supporting and development such efforts.

alternate sources for paper, bangkok show
This booth at the Bangkok packaging fair was set up by a university. The image shows paper bags, paper boxes and paper sheets made from the skin of a very popular Thai fruit. This is the Durian fruit that has a very strong smell. Such paper processing would reduce the amount of trees used to produce paper.

The boxes and bags shown above look like they have been made from handmade paper. That is just one interesting thing about these items. The material used to make these items use the skin of a very popular Thai fruit, the durian. This fruit has a pungent smell, it is so pungent that the Thai Airways prohibits this fruit from being carried onboard a passenger flight. Many hotels have banned this fruit from their hotel rooms. We had come across an interesting thing at the Chantaburi province in Thailand. The hotel forbids guests from taking the Durian fruit to their rooms BUT a small room has been allocated on the ground floor (near the lobby) where you can sit and eat all the Durian fruit that you want! The Durian skin paper project at the Bangkok packaging fair was set up by one of the local universities. This university researches such useful and interesting projects and then makes the findings available to any commercial organization at no charge.

interesting instrument, like an electronic trumpet. seen at the package show in Bangkok
Not sure of what this gentleman was trying to demonstrate at the packaging fair. The instrument made noises like a trumpet and was probably an electronic version of the trumpet. At first glance, he seemed to be blowing into a household vacuum cleaner!

A welcome distraction at the Bangkok package exhibition, this gentleman was playing an instrument that sounded like a trumpet. It most probably was an electronic trumpet and he was doing a good job at playing it. One reason why we put this image here was to explain our initial observation, we thought that the instrument looked more like a vacum cleaner that is used in domestic places! The white 'ice like' object that you see on the right side of the gentleman is a decoration made from plastic paper.

corrugated booth at the bangkok packaging fair
We showed you sofas made from corrugated sheets and paper boxes made from the skin of the Durian fruit. Now this is the real thing, an entire booth constructed from corrugated sheets. The window displays were cut outs in the corrugated sheets. The booth was put thogether from something like a pile of corrugated sheets.

The above comparny had a very prominent presence in this International Packaging fair held in Bangkok. The entire booth that you see above was made from corrugated sheets. Imagine 8 to 10 inch wide corrugated strips being piled one on top of the other. That was how the booth was made, we walked into the booth and most of the 'furniture' was made of corrugated sheets too. The bench that you see below is one example. The windows that you see in the booth were cut out in the pile of corrugated sheets. A very well done up booth and some very tasteful lighting arrangements.

bench made from paper, corrugated sheets
We walked into the booth constructed from corrugated sheets (shown above) and noticed that much of the furniture inside was also made from the same material. Here is a bench assembled from corrugated sheets. It was not just for display, we saw a few people sit on these corrugated sheet benches too.

The bench made from corrugated sheets was seen in the corrugated booth that we talked about. You could actually sit on this bench, a very interesting exhibit indeed. It will be interesting to see how production standards with reference to durability and strength will be handled when such innovative products get into commercial production. We did see some grown up people sit on these benches and the weight posed no problem, but large scale production will bring up other challenges that need to be handled. You obviously cannot use these unique benches where they are likely to get wet.

unique dustbin from cardboard paper
A waste paper basket constructed from corrugated sheets. A very unique dustbin indeed, line it with a plastic bag and you could put much of the waste that an office generates into this dustbin. The dustbin actually comes  in an unfolded form to make it easy to pack. The scoring lines help you to do a perfect fold and allow the corrugated sheet to take this form.  

A very good idea indeed, the dustbin you see in the above image comes in the form of a flat corrugated sheet. Markings are done in the places where the sheet is to be folded. Neat scoring lines present on the sheet allow easy and accurate folding. You then get this unique waste paper basket. While a plain corrugated sheet waste paper basket cannot handle damp rubbish thrown into it, lining it with a plastic bag will make it more durable and useful.

Interesting ideas: You could probably have a large corrugated TV box come with instructions on how to fold it to form a waste paper basket. We had recently come across a box for an electronic device, the box came with instructions and could be folded to form a very neat desktop light! Using products like the skin of the Durian to make paper and paper products, will reduce the requirement of trees in the production process. We have seen many offices in Bangkok where plastic water bottles are used to grow small plants! The bottle is cut in half and the bottom half makes a nice pot for the plant. Some animal medical facilities in Thailand request hotels and to donate their old towels and napkins to the medical facility. These are used to clean animals and even for bandaging wounds in large animals like elephants.

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