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Mothers Day

Origin Of Mothers Day

Many nations today celebrate mothers day based on the day assigned for the U.S celebrations. The most popular month for celebrating mothers day across the world is May. The U.S and a host of other nations have their mothers day celebrations on the second Sunday of May. People give gifts and show their love for one of the most important persons in their life - dearest mother. There are some people who complain about the over-commercialization of this day but, the enthusiasm to celebrate never seems to fade. In this interesting article related to this day, we provide interesting backgrounds for the origin of mothers day in a few countries. The list of countries discussed here does not cover all the nations that today celebrate mothers day in some form or the other but, we have tried to pick the most interesting stories.

Arab Countries:  An Egyptian journalist by the name of Mustafa Amin, is believed to have introduced the concept of mothers day. He had put forward his ideas in a book written by him 'Smiling America', this was in the year 1943. The idea of having establishing mothers day was something that obsessed him. This happened when he heard a true story, of a son who was educated and looked after by his mother and went on to become a qualified doctor. The young man got married and left his town - never ever caring for his ageing mother. The Egyptian president at the time was Gama A Nasser and he was not impressed with the idea. However the president later bowed to Amin's requests and it was decided that the 21st of March would be designated as mothers day. Mustafa Amin faced something that was very common in those days, he was arrested and prevented from publishing his ideas and thoughts. The Egyptians tried to rename mothers day as 'family day' just to delink it from Amin's idea. However, that change did not garner much support and Marct 21st continues to be celebrated as mothers day.

The French: The country had an interesting reason for establishing mothers day. The low birth rate of the country, worried the government. In the year 1896 it was agreed that, mothers that had large families would should be honored. World war 1 resulted in many American troops fighting in France. These soldiers would send back a large volume of mail during the American mothers day celebrations. In the early part of 1920 mothers day was celebrated only by those mothers who had large families - this was made official. In 1941 new moves were made to persuade mothers to have more children and thereby increase the size of the family. Mothers day now aimed to honor all mothers including those that had small families.

Germany: Faced with the lowest birth rate in Europe the Germans in the year 1920 started to think of ways to encourage women to have more children. It was felt that the fact that many women entered the labor market, was the main cause for a falling population. A mothers day holiday was officially declared, this was to honor motherhood in general. It was decided to economically support mothers who had a large number of children. But in reality, the help was handed out to mothers who were desperately in need of financial support - the size of the family was rarely considered. The years 1933-1945 saw the rise of the Nazi rulers, they were quick to implement measures that would encourage women to have more children. There were many mothers day ideas, one of these promoted the notion that - the death of a son in battle was the highest symbol of patriotic motherhood. Germany today celebrates mothers day on the second Sunday of May.

Israel: Mothers day in Israel is celebrated in memory of a wonderful lady, Henrietta Szold. Interesting the lady had no children of her own, but cared for thousands of Jewish children who were in Nazi controlled Germany. She is considered as the mother of all Jewish children who are in need of love and care, and is also responsible for supporting for agitations seeking rights for Jewish children. Mothers day in Israel is celebrated some time between January 30 and March 1. According to the Jewish calendar, Mothers day is celebrated on Shevat 30. At the same time, Arabs in Israel follow the general practice of celebrating Mothers day on 21 March, which is similar to when other Arab nations have their mothers day celebrations.

United States: The commercialization of Mothers day in the U.S is absolutely amazing. Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, mothers day rings up retail sales that comes second to only the year end buying blitz.The first mothers day in the U.S was called by Julia Ward Howe. Her Mothers Day proclamation issued in 1870 was a call for women to push for disarmament legislations. Until 1890 several attempts were made to establish an official American Mothers Day, but success was possible only at local levels. Mothers Day in the United States as it is celebrated today, was the result of it's declaration as a national holiday. This happened in 1914 when the U.S president was Woodrow Wilson. The effort to push for an official Mothers day started by Anna Jarvis in 1908. Anna wished to have a day set aside when every American could honor their mother. The irony is that, Anna Jarvis later regretted the commercial angle to the American mothers day holiday - she died with that feeling in 1948.


It is our humble belief that if mothers day, means a day to remember, care and love your mother - then let it be mothers day everyday. You hear sad stories about mothers being neglected and left to fend for themselves, mothers being despatched to old age homes and forgotten. The modern day family is a small family, one that generally has no place for aged parents. While you could get your mother a ring or some other valuable gift on some symbolic day, it is really not necessary to get into debt or spend too much. A visit to your mother, helping with small household chores, taking mothers car for a check up, getting mother to have a thorough medical inspection etc is equally fine. We did read somewhere that, mothers are blessed with tolerance that is about 7 times more than what the children have! It is because of their hard work and sacrifice that, we are where we stand today. We do hope that this report will change a few lives and even wake up a few of you. Love your mother, don't just say it, practice it and weave it into your lifestyle - instill it into your children.

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