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Leisure Travel And Sightseeing

Interesting Places To See, Interesting Things To Do

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A collection of interesting articles related to leisure and travel. This section is not only about moving around, it also includes stories about some of the visits done by the Kaisilver team during their relaxing moments. Most visitors to Thailand come for it's natural landscape, mountains, beaches, national parks and natural beauty. Delicous Thai food is ofcourse one more reason why you should make Thailand your holiday destination. The climate most of the year is quite hot especially in cities like Bangkok. But you will always find something to keep you amused and interested. Tourists sometimes do a brisk walk through national parks not paying much attention to the little things that add to the beauty of the place. Similarly when you visit a Thai temple, there is much to see in terms of architecture and artistic skills. When you visit a traditional Thai market, look for scenes like some old style Thai homes, decorative windows and even intricately carved chairs. These make great objects to photograph.

Some great images of Thai flowers, these gorgeous flowers from Thailand were imaged as seen in a natural environment. Flowers are very popular in Thailand and almost every province in the country has some typical flowers that grow in the local climatic conditions. One very interesting thing about Thai flowers is that, while the country does have some of the most magnificient tropical climate flowers, there is also a flourishing industry of manmade flowers. These flowers are made with many materials including paper, cloth and even silk. Some of these handmade flowers are so well crafted that you could easily mistake them for their natural counterparts. The northern provinces of Thailand have colder winters and this makes the place suitable for fruit and flower farming. At the same time you will find some great Thai flowers in almost every province. The leaves and stems of many flower plants seem to be thick and dark green. Probably a naturally derived feature to enable the plants hold moisture in hot climates. Flower and plant exhibitions are sometimes held in various parts of the country. Such events give you a chance to see flowers from all parts of the globe. None of the images in this section have been taken from table top arrangements or show exhibit booths. The flowers you see are photographed in the open. Some of them appear to be quite tough and rugged, that probably is expected considering the harsh climate in which they grow. The Kaisilver team takes some time off from the hectic jewelry season and goes on an outing. The cameras go clicking and this collection of Thai flower images are here for everyone to see and admire ... more.

 popular names, childrens names and names for girls and boys An interesting report on the popularity of names given to boys and girls. Did you know that the most popular name for males in the U.S is Jacob? It is quite strange that the name Ethan which is not very often heard of, ranks 8 in the popular male names in the United States. Micheal as expected, ranks high on the list of popular names for boys. When it comes to names for girls, Emily ranks at number 1. Madison is at number 2, another surprise entry as you would expect a name like Elizabeth or Olivia to take that spot. Most of the names in the top ten list originate from religious or historic backgrounds. It is quite possible that future events of our time could change the popular names given to boys and girls. Another interesting thing is that many people strike a nick name for themselves, this often gets used so much that the original (real) name is side tracked. For example Mike is often the short nickname for Michael. Another name Christopher is almost always, abbreviated to Chris. The Kaisilver team has put together this very nice collection of popular names in the U.S. You could use the information to choose a name for your baby, you could read it out of sheer interest. Either way, it is a report not to be missed. The report lists the top 100 names for girls and guys, it is comprehensive and throws up quite a few surprises ... more.

 thailand temples in ayuthaya

The huge temple complex in the Ayuthaya province of Thailand is unique, these temple ruins have great historic importance. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the wat maha thaat temple each year. Most of the visitors do not go for religious reasons but rather to see the gigantic temple complex. Remember to add this temple to your sightseeing schedule when you travel to Thailand. The temple was of great religious importance to the Thais, a war with Burma saw it completely destroyed and plundered. It is not easy to understand why this spectacular temple became a target during the war more than two centuries ago. Buddhism is the main religion followed by a majority of both Thai and Burmese populations. The impressive Buddha statues in the wat maha thaat temple at Ayuthaya were not spared. You can see numerous statues without heads, nothing seemed to be sacred during that terrible war. The temple complex is today a tourist destination and left to the bear the varying climatic conditions. Massive flooding is reported in Thailand's Ayuthaya province each year, this will gradually take it's toll on the spectacular temple remains. You can surely mark this as a very interesting place to visit during your tour to Thailand. You do not need be a Buddhist or be religious to appreciate the vastness of the complex, you cannot help be saddened by the power of destruction of war and anger ... more.

 the taj mahal in india

The Taj Mahal in India is a very interesting and meaninfull monument. More than 20,000 craftsmen and artisans took over 20 years to complete the construction and decoration of the Taj Mahal. One not very well known fact about the Taj Mahal is the terrible fate of the thousands of craftsmen. Shah Jahan the mogul emperor who ordered the Taj to be built in memory of his (late) beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, maimed all the craftsmen by cutting off their hands. This horrible step was taken to ensure that they never ever built such an impressive monument again! The four minarets that stand in each of the corners are slightly tilted outwards away from the Taj Mahal. This was not a construction mistake nor was is it an effect of time and ageing, there is a very special reason for the minarets tilting, this report on the Taj Mahal covers this and other interesting facts about this monument of love. The monument is today one of the most well recognized historic constructions. Millions of visitors from all across the globe throng to see and admire this wonder of the world. You should visit the Taj at least once, it is situated in the city of Agra in India. The city itself is part of the Uttar Pradesh state. This nothern part of India experiences extreme climatic conditions. Winters can be horribly cold and summers cause the city to sizzle with the heat. If you plan to travel to see the Taj Mahal in winter, make sure that the day and time is not very foggy.  ... more.

 australia travel and holiday, sydney opera house

It is hard to believe that this spectacular building was designed by a relatively unknown architect by the name of Jorn Utzon. The design for the Australian Sydney Opera House in Sydney was finalized after inviting design entries through an international competition. Jorn Utzon a Danish architect was fortunate to have his design selected. This gave him great recognition all over the world, he went on to design many prominent constructions all over the world. The sad part is that Jorn was not around to see the opening of the sydney opera house when it was innaugrated by Queen Elizabeth II. There is an interesting reason for this and the report provides more details. The original design and location did not give an impressive view of sydney harbor. A huge outdoor amphitheater was later constructed to give a view of the harbor. The sydney opera house is a place worth visiting if you plan to holiday in Australia. The UNESCO declared the building as a world heritage site, putting it on par with other historic monuments like the Taj Mahal in India and the Egyptian pyramids. The objective of building the sydney opera house was to encourage the performing arts across the world. The Kaisilver team filed this report after a brief visit to Australia. The country is also known as the opal country with some of the finest opal gems originating from the Australian mines. Chrysoprase which is sometimes wrongly called 'australian jade' also comes from Australia  ... more.

 penguins, about penguins and interesting information

Penguins are an interesting variety of birds. We all seem to be able to recognize a penguin from an image or when seen in a movie. At the same time quite a few of us have never seen a real penguin in our life. Not many people know that the penguin is able to withstand severe cold only because of the way it's freathers are shaped and arranged. You might still come across people who tell you that a penguin can fly, the truth is that it cannot. It might leap out of the water and back into it, giving one the impression that it is actually flying. This interesting article on penguins, reveals some of the lesser known facts about this impressive bird. Our planet is filled with some fascinating birds, animals, plants and other creatures. Many hundreds of these living creatures and plants have become extinct, generally due to the actions of man. Animals are unable to breed as man encroaches on the forests, some varieties of birds have fallen victim to pollution. Man hunts for fun and pleasure, he ofcourse hunts for food. Not just to sustain himself but for the selfish thrill of trying something exciting and new. While many nations have banned whaling, Japan contiues to do it with extreme pride and arrogance. Each year birds and animals that were never a part of any human diet are being hunted and served in extravagant eating establishments across the world. There is something unique about penguins, they can live comfortably and breed normally even in captivity. This allows scientists to ensure that the number of penguins does not dwindle... more.

 thai food and thai cuising in san francisco Thai food in San Francisco has always been very popular. You can judge by the number of Thai food cuisine restaurants in SF. While some food lovers prefer to do their own Thai food cooking during, others look for good Thai food outlets. Kaisilver the leading online custom jewelry provider does not have any business interests in any of the Thai restaurants in San Francisco or any other part of the United States. While we do have jewelry and gem stone buyers in the SF area, you will not find a Kaisilver jewelry shop since all orders are received online and crafted by some of the finest craftsmen in Thailand. When choosing a place to dine Thai cuisine in San Francisco, it is most likely that the place would adjust the level of spices and chillies to suit local taste. It is however a good idea to request for medium or mild level of spices when placing the order. Many foreigners have burnt their toungue while trying to bite into a hot freshly made spring roll. Spring rolls are often recommended by Thai cuisine outlets as entrees to the main meal. Just keep in mind that these are very hot (temperature wise) when freshly made. Use your fork and knife and split them into two pieces, then allow them to cool a bit for 2 to 3 minutes, keep this in mind and recommend it to your friends too. Always keep a glass of cool water handy, just to cool down when you taste something really hot and spicey ... more.

 bio based products from Asia Thailand The demand for healthy foods has shown a dramatic increase in the last few years. Countries like Thailand in Asia, have an advantage when it comes to the raw materials for bio based products. However what is the real challenge for countries like Thailand is to handle the packaging and processing of such bio based products. On a leisure trip to a leading Thai Bio Product Exhibition, a Kai Silver team was pleased to find that impressive advances have been made in packaging and branding of Thai bio products. A good example is brown or unpolished rice, something that is known to the Thais for a couple of centuries. Our team found brown rice packed conveniently and attractively, some interesting bio products that utilized the brown or unpolished rice were also on display. Crisp rice snacks with low fat content and salt were made using 60% of brown rice flour. Another interesting product was brown rice porridge in a quick cook form. Dried ripe banana pieces were added to the porridge mix. A healthy choice for breakfast, also easy to make and very nutritious. Other bio products not related to food and eating like, small boxes made from sheets of dried rice stalk and organic glue were also shown ... more.


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