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Elephant Painting, Real Paintings Done By Thai Elephants.

Amazing Elephant Story, An Elephant Can Actually Paint.

Elephants In Thailand, Interesting Sightseeing Trip In Thailand

Elephants In Thai Tradition And Culture: Anyone who has visited Thailand or even read about Thai history will know that elephants have been an important part of Thai life. It is then no wonder that elephant paintings, elephants carvings, elephant jewelry and even elephant designs on clothes and scarves is very common. An elephant painting normally refers to a painting done by human artists that depicts an elephant. In recent times, visitors to Thailand have been enthralled by a different type of elephant painting. This is a painting done by an elephant, Thai elephants have surprised visitors from all over the world by their ability to paint a picture. If you are amazed by the fact that elephants in Thailand can actually paint then, there is more in store. The pictures painted by these elephants are beautiful and represent more than just, random strokes or splashes of color. Not all sightseeing trips in Thailand include a visit to elephant grounds or elephant shows. On your next vacation to Thailand, make sure that you get an opportunity to see the truly amazing sight of elephants painting. At most shows, the paintings done by these Thai elephants are 'auctioned' on the stop and the highest bidder takes the painting home. If you are planning to make a bid, make your bid based on the size of the crowd. A full house could take the price to nearly 100 U.S$. On days where the elephant show is not fully packed, start at a bid of around 40 U.S$ and work it up to what you can afford. The Kaisilver jewelry designing team took some time off to get a closed look at these amazing Thai elephants, here is their report.

elephant painting, thailand sightseeing trip to elephant show

The start of the amazing feat where, an elephant paints a picture. You can see the white blank sheet in front of the elephant. A brush dipped in color paint is held by the elephant in it's trunk. Partially covered by the sitting elephant trainer, is the 'pallet' of color paints. Basically a wooden carrier with jars of different color paints. Since this is a truly special elephant show, the stands around the elephant grounds are packed with tourists both, Thais and foreigners.

thai elephant show, painting done by an elephant

The first few strokes and the crowd wonders just how great the artistic skills of this elephant are. As the elephant continued to paint, the strokes were firm and confident. You could see no clumsy actions and the gigantic elephant went ahead without any hesitation. The entire crowd at the elephant show was quiet, you could hardly believe that the elephant was performing in front of a packed crowd. The only thing that you could notice the trainer do was, to hand out the brushes dipped in color to the elephant.

thailand elephant show, paintings done by elephants

Done at last and the silence in the packed stands is broken with loud cheers and clapping. While everyone was impressed with the artistic talent of this Thai elephant, the fact that it painted a picture of an elephant added further excitement. We all saw something that we would never have believed had we not seen it happen in front of our eyes. The huge elephant showed tremendous control by working with the brush and created a great elephant painting. If you had to visit an elephant show in Thailand, this one single feat would have made it worthwhile.

elephants can paint, at least in Thailand

People were sitting all around the elephant ground and there were infact, 2 to 3 elephants working on different paintings at the same time. The above images shows one of the other paintings done by the big elephants at the show. Vistors to the elephant show were encouraged to bid for the paintings, the paintings done by the Thai elephants that we witnessed went for around 60 U.S$ to 70 U.S$ per painting. We ofcourse hope that the revenue from selling these elephant paintings, is used to look after the elephants residing at the elephant grounds.

painting done by an elephant in thailand

An amazing painting, colorful flowers and leaves as painted by an elephant at the elephant show in Thailand. This was the elephant painting that was bid right up to 70 U.S$ on that day. We learnt that not all elephants at these elephant grounds were trained to paint. Almost everyone at the elephant ground cheered the elephants as they left the arena after accomplishing a near impossible feat.

Thailand has a lot of interesting places to visit, seeing elephants painting is just one of the many amazing things that await you in this wonderful country. The country has been one of the very popular asian tourist destinations. The natural beauty of Thailand can be seen in beaches and forest national parks. For many tourists, developed cities like Bangkok offer great opportunities for shopping and entertainment. One thing that has always impressed visitors to Thailand is the delicious food dishes. Thailand has something to interest everyone and the millions of tourists who pour in each year will vouch for this.

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