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Dubai Development

Dubai Looks For Revenue Beyond Oil Exports

Dubai is an interesting example of how a nation can develop itself to adapt to changing conditions. For decades the country has relied on oil exports for it's revenue, but that would undoubtedly change. Intense and continous oil exports mean that, the oil reserves will not remain so abundant in the near future. Keeping this in mind the Dubai authorities have decided to give the country a new look which they hope will, help turn the nation into a business, tourist and shopping hub for visitors from across the globe. Kaisilver is not based in Dubai, as one of the world's leading online custom jewelry providers, we ship to Dubai and all oher destinations across the globe.

It is interesting to see the 31 December year end celebrations in Dubai. One can easily compare the celebrations to what you would expect to see in the more Christian dominated countries. Lights and fireworks lit up the sky, majestically tall buildings set up some amazing firework formations. The dollars spent on the celebration would no doubt run into hundreds of millions. Promoting itself as a shoppers paradise, emphasis is given to the December festivals that attract a large number of tourists. What you will notice about shopping in dubai is that, most of the merchandise is clearly highend. Electronics, clothes, shoes, handbags and the finest jewelry can all be had - as long as you have the budgets to spend.

Plush residential properties are also coming up at a brisk rate. The latest facilities in terms of safey, convenience and leisure are built into these residential complexes. Attractive gardens, trees, artificial waterfalls and even some man made beaches make you forget that, you are actually in a desert where water is scarce. Dubai today gives importance to education for it's population, another attempt to make people over dependant on revenue from oil. Well equipped hospitals pay amazingly high salaries to attract medical experts from as far away as U.K and U.S. International schools in Dubai actively promote foreign languages, French and English are often taught in such schools.

While all this can be taken for granted in the name of development, Dubai is a good example of how an individual, a family, a company or an entire nation can work together and stay focused on preparing for the future. The Dubai authorities and private businesses alike, are working to develop a new economy where, money can be generated from a wide range of activities. They realize that the oil reserves are fast depleting, tightening a major source of income for the country.


dubai development, night lights in dubai

An amazing view of Dubai by night, the development and construction in this Middle East Nation can amaze even the most seasoned traveller. As the country realizes that it's oil reserves are not without limits, efforts are being made to build Dubai as a major commercial, tourist and shopping hub.


dubai at night, development to get income from sources beyond oil
Just one of the many tall and handsome buildings being constructed in Dubai. Posh shopping malls, high end hotels and some of the most expensive eating establishments are housed in these attractive buildings. With oil reserves not likely to last forever, Dubai is investing in longterm development.


dubai new year celebrations
This is how the people of Dubai celebrate the new year. With tourism and shopping being steadily promoted, the people of Dubai have learnt to celebrate on many international events and festivals. A large Indian population ensures similar celebrations for festivals like Diwali which is also known as, the festival of lights.


dubai development, tourism and shopping
Cleverly laid out lights, brighten up the waters in fountains. A clear western influence can be seen in the development of Dubai. The country wishes to develop and promote itself as one of the major centers for tourists and shopping buffs. The results have so far been amazing as Dubai, becomes aware of it's reducing oil reserves. The country now looks to other sources of revenue to beef up it's economy.


We do hope that you have found this Kaisilver leisure report to be interesting. While Kaisilver does ship jewelry to Dubai and the rest of the world, we do not have a physical presence in the form of Kaisilver jewelry shops in Dubai. This report on the developments in Dubai was filed by our experts, to make people aware of what is happening across the globe. It is indeed interesting and encouraging to see countries developing their infrastructure to cope with forseeable changes in the near future. Dubai is one of the more liberal nations in the Middle East, and has some clear Western influences entering it's developmental plans.


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