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Chiangmai Flower Show

Thailand Natural Beauty, Flowers And Plants

The Chiangmai Flowers And Plants Show, Natural Beauty And Sightseeing

The northern provinces of Thailand are known for their natural beauty. High mountains and colorful plants and flowers can be found in provinces like Chiangmai. These provinces are blessed with a climate that is very suitable for growing plants and flowers. Chiangmai was rightly chosen as the location for the historic plants and flower show held in the winter of 2006. Hundreds of gardners and botanical experts toiled for months to enrich the natural beauty of the landscape. The unique thing about the colorful flowers and interesting plants at this show was that, the flowers and plants did not come only from Thailand. Nations from all over the globe sent in their contributions, flowers and plants were set in carefully prepared surroundings. The exhibition area was a virtual sea of colorful patches, flowers and plants spread across hundreds of acres of interesting landscape. Set among the hills and made accessible by well maintained roads, the drive to the flower and plant show location took around 45 minutes from the main city of Chiangmai. Our team flew from Bangkok to Chiangmai, to visit this historic flower show. After a night's stay at one of Chiangmai's many comfortable hotels, they drove the next morning to see what they described as an ocean of color and natural beauty. The flowers on this page are just a small collection of what was displayed at the exhibition. Chiangmai is well known for it's fruit and flower gardens, it is this expertise that was leveraged to make this flower and plant show a great success. At the scene of show, Thais and foreigners waited in long winding queues to pass through the gates and enter the tram service that took them around the show. If you travel to Thailand on vacation, you will be impressed by the hospitality of the Thais. The northern provinces of Thailand add a touch of their own when it comes to hospitality, sweet smiles and helpful attitudes have made tourists return time and again. If you plan to travel to Chiangmai, you should know that this province in the Northern part of Thailand is accessible by road, rail and air. Chiangmai also boasts of a well kept zoo, historic temples and a well known elephant training school. Winters can get cold but it really depends on which part of the world you are coming from. We have seen heavily clothed Thais walking past Western tourists dressed in shorts and sleevless T-shirts!

flowers in thailand, chiangmai flowed show

This is one of the entrances to the flower show in Chiangmai. The first glimpse as you enter the show gave you an idea of what was in store. Despite it being winter, the day was quite sunny and hats and umbrellas could be seen all over the place. The flowers were beautifully arranged, the manmade landscapes made you believe that the flowers and plants actually grew there. They were ofcourse transported to Chiangmai from all corners of the globe. Well maintained walk ways throughout the Chiangmai flower show, made it a real pleasure to move around.

red flowers in thailand at the historic flower and plant exhibition

Gorgeous red flowers at the Chiangmai flower and plant show in Thailand. If you live in a place like Bangkok, such flowers are hard to find. The hot climate in Bangkok soon makes the flowers look dead and tired. You would ofcourse like to know that, Thailand has a flourishing artificial flower making industry. The place where these beautiful red flowers were kept was well designed to protect the flowers from direct sunlight.

yellow flowers chiangmai thailand travel

A bed of yellow flowers, you really forgot the hot sun burning down when you saw these beautiful flowers and plants. Most of these flowers were a uniform yellow, scattered in this yellow bed were some darker yellow flowers with a tinge of orange. The local gardners did a tremendous job, it would not be an easy feat to keep watering thousands of flowers and plants. Chiangmai has a large resource of skilled gardners and botanical experts, it was a perfect location for this historic plant and flower show.

nature thailand, gorgeous flowers in north thailand chiangmai

White flowers beautifully set among flowers of other colors. Remember that the flower show contained flowers from all over the world. It is therefore possible that the pink flowers on the right side of the image, came from a country that was thousands of miles away from where the white flowers had come. Our team consisted of jewelry and gem stone experts and none of them had any professional botanical knowledge. You ofcourse do not need a university degree to admire the beauty of mother nature.

beautiful flowers image from thailand travel and leisure

Notice the colorful flowers in the above image, the flowers were spotted at the Chiangmai flower show too. All the flowers have a similar pattern but, show different color combinations. While some of these flowers are basically white with a pink trim at the end of each petal, others are predominantly pink and flaunt a white trimming at the end of each petal. You once again had to admire the skill of the gardners who helped keep the flowers and plants looking fresh, despite the hot sun beating down all day.

colorful flowers, holiday in thailand sightseeing in northern thailand

Natural beauty out doing even the best human artist. This was one of the most colorful plants at the Chiangmai flower and plant show. What you see here are leaves and not flowers. Three distinct colors on each leaf help create a mind blowing pattern on the leaves. A fashion designer could rob this color and design and use it on a run way show. This plant seems to be quite common in Thailand as we have noticed it in various gardens and national parks. The artistically colored leaves are naturally arranged in layers with the leaf sizes getting smaller as you move from bottom towards the top.

rare flowers photo from thailand flower show

This awesome flower was tucked away out of the bright sunlight, it obviously did not like the heat of the sun. Many of you would know the name and species of this gorgeous flower, our knowledge did not extend that far. The flower show at Chiangmai did something unique, it brought together natures creations from all over the globe and set them next to each other. It would be great if people from all over the world could also live in such harmony.

thailand sightseeing interesting places, the flower show in north thailand chiangmai

A view of the venue for the Chiangmai flower and plant show from the outside. The back drop of the mountains and the well made and maintained gardens and road in the front, proved how man can enhance and nurture the sheer beauty of nature. While many parts of Thailand and the world are fast losing their natural beauty and charm, the above image captures a moment that we hope will last forever.

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