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Temples Of Ayuthaya, Thailand

The Wat Maha That Buddhist Temple Ruins In Thailand

Ayuthaya is one of the Thai provinces that has had both religious and political importance in the past. As the center of political power shifted to Bangkok, the religious places and history of Ayuthaya has remained popular to this day. Millions of Thai and foreign visitors to Thailand find this a very interesting place to visit in Thailand. Many of the temples in Ayuthaya appear in much better shape and splendor as compared to the temple that we discuss here. The Kaisilver team took a religious trip to the Ayuthaya province, here are the images captured by the team. It is interesting to learn how this magnificient Thai temple was destroyed and looted more than two centuries ago.

A bloody war with neighbouring Burma is what led to the destruction of the huge Wat Maha That temple complex in Ayuthaya. The Burmese realized how important this temple was to the Thais, it's destruction was both symbolic and tragic. Burmese warriors went on a rampage smashing and burning whatever was in sight. Many historians claim that the violent attack was also aimed at stealing gold and other valuables kept within the temple. More than two centuries later, as you walk through these Buddhist temple ruins you can still feel the anger and hatred that might have existed between the two sides.


ayuthaya travelling in Thailand
Destroyed Lord Buddha statues in the temples of Ayuthaya. The temple ruins are regarded as important places in Thailand worth visiting. You do not need to be religious or a devout Buddhist to feel the saddened by the terrible destruction. These temple ruins can be seen in the Wat Maha That temples of Ayutha.

Numerous Lord Buddha statues were burnt and beheaded during the Burmese war. People believe that the Burmese were looking for gold stored within these statues or around the temple. You sometimes hear that the Buddhist statues were plastered with cement to keep the Burmese from robbing the gold that was inside. The centuries old statues and the destroyed parts lie all over the temple.

visiting Thailand places to see, Ayuthaya province
The war with Burma a few centuries ago left these magnificient temples of Authaya in ruins. Located in Thailand in the Ayuthaya province, the temple ruins draw thousands of tourists from all over the world. The senseless destruction of these Buddhist temples by the Burmese surprises many as, both Thailand and Burma has a majority of Buddhist population.

This Lord Buddha statue sits before a group of religious disciples most of the smaller statues can be seen without heads. For the sake of history it is hoped that the detached parts of these statues were later moved to museums across the country. A vast temple complex like the one at Wat Maha That is not easy to secure, it also remains exposed to the vagaries of the climate. Heat, rain and winds hit these temple ruins each year and will gradually take their toll.

buddha statue in tree
Seen in one of the temple complexes of Thailand's Ayuthaya province. The head of this Lord Buddha statue is entwined within the branches and roots of this very old tree. The tree that partially covers the Lord Buddha head is still alive. Thousands of Thais and foreigners worship this spot each year.

 A priceless photograph, the head of Lord Buddha within the branches and roots of a very old tree. This probably is one of the many destroyed statues within the Ayuthaya temple. The head fell within the precints of the tree which then grew to embrace it. Thousands of Thais worship this site each year and for foreign visitors to Thailand, it is an amazing sight. The huge tree not only holds the Lord Buddha head but also covers a part of the temple wall.


temple remain ruins in Thailand
The ancient temples of Thailand, located in the Ayuthaya province of Thailand this once magnificient temple stands ruined and burnt. The Wat Maha That temple was destroyed more than two centuries ago in a war with neighbouring Burma. The mindless destruction shocks many given the fact that both, Thailand and Burma are predominantly Buddhist nations.

One of the deserted isles in the Ayuthaya temple ruins. Centuries ago monks and temple attendants probably walked around these isles in meditation. Today there is not much of a temple atmosphere here, it is regarded as one of the very interesting places to visit in Thailand. Since Ayuthaya is not very far from the city of Bangkok, a morning to evening trip to the province is worthwhile. There are many temples in this province, many of them still in good condition.


Standing buddha statue
A tall standing Buddha statue in the Wat Mahathat Temple, located in the Ayuthaya province of Thailand. One of the few Lord Buddha statues in the temple that is left intact. Most of the temple was destroyed by the Burmese over two centuries ago in a bloody war with Thailand.

Not many Buddha statues in the Wat Maha That temple of Thailand remain in such good condition. A tall standing Buddha statue in a recessed slot on the temple wall. This is not one of those bright gold painted Buddha statues that you see in other temples around Thailand, but religiously and historically a very important statue. It is not clear how the brick structure throughout these temple ruins will withstand climatic changes including wind and rain over the next few decades. Since the whole temple complex is outdoors and very huge, protecting it is not an easy task.


Buddhist temple in Thailand
A small portion of the famous Ayuthaya temple in Thailand. Surely one of the very interesting places to visit on your travel to Thailand. Over two centuries ago much of this Buddhist temple was destroyed in a war with Burma. The temple ruins today attract visitors from all over the globe.

A an amazing view from inside the temple ruins in Ayuthaya. The temple was burnt down and destroyed during the war but, it is not hard to imagine how grand and important the Wat Maha That temple in Ayuthaya was for the country. A massive structure of bricks and cements, it seems both like a fort and like a gigantic religious institution. Visions rush through your mind of Thai and Burmese warriors fighting hand to hand battles in the temple premises. It was probably both greed and anger that drove the Burmese to rummage this religious place.  


thai interesting places to see
The majestic seated Lord Buddha towers over the ruins of this temple in Ayuthaya. Not very far from Bangkok, the temple ruins of Ayuthaya are worth a visit. It is one of the very interesting and historic places worth visiting on your sightseeing trip in Thailand.

As the sun sets in Ayuthaya, shadows encroach on the temple complex. This photograph shot at the perfect angle shows the still Buddha statue infront of his numerous disciples. None of the destroyed heads of these statues can be seen in the vicinity of the temple. We do hope that they have not been taken away by antique hunters but instead, safely preserved in museums for future generations to see.


Thailand temples
If you looking for interesting places to see in Thailand, make a one day trip to the temples in Ayuthaya. Not very far from Bangkok is the Ayuthaya province with it's historic temples and temple ruins. The image shows the destroyed Buddhist temple which was ransacked, burnt and destroyed during a war with Burma.

It is hard to imagine that all these images were taken within one temple complex. The Wat Maha That temple in Ayuthaya was one of the very important religious establishments in the country. It is not clear whether the Burmese destruction was aimed at looting the temple wealth or done to mentally destabilize the Thai warriors. The mindless destruction of war between two Buddhist nations is confusing to many historians.


places sightseeing in Thailand
One of the main entrances into the Wat Maha That temple in Thailand. Located in the Ayuthaya province of Thailand this gigantic and magnificient temple was destroyed and looted two centuries ago. A war with Burma lead to the destruction of this Buddhist temple.

This surely was an important entrance into the temple complex, the central portion that can be seen through the entrance stands tall even though in ruins. The Ayuthaya province sees large scale flooding during each rainy season. This is bound to weaken the temple structure and probably loosen the brick construction with which the entire temple complex is built. While no one is sure how long the structure can remain standing, it is the right time to visit these amazing temple ruins in Thailand.


ayuthaya places to see
A Lord Buddha statue sits calm and composed within these temple ruins. Much of this huge temple complex was destroyed over 2 centuries ago in a war with neighbouring Burma. Given the fact that both Burma and Thailand are predominantly Buddhist nations, it is not easy to explain the minds of the destroyers.

A portion of the temple that was probably well gaurded by the Thai warriors. The seated Buddha statue remains in good condition although much of the temple behind the statue is in ruins. The huge size of this temple complex would be both expensive and difficult to secure. Fortunately the temple complex itself is free of beggars and hawkers. Repairing the structure would probably steal the place of it's importance as one of the main reasons why people visit the Wat Maha Thai temple is to see it's ruins destroyed in the Thai Burma war. However it is important to see that the temple is not further destroyed by current day conditions and happenings.


The historic Wat Mahathat Temple in Ayuthaya, Thailand. One of the interesting places to visit in Thailand and Ayuthaya. The senseless destruction of this Buddhist temple occured more than two centuries ago, the event was a war between Thailand and Burma, The scale of the mindless destruction is still clearly visible as you walk through the ruins of the vast temple complex.

Evening descends on the temple in Ayuthaya, this was one of the last few photographs taken by the team as we walked out of the Wat Maha That temple. The structure on the right is inclined and we have no idea when and how this happened. It is unlikely that it stood at that angle for over two centuries. Rain water flooding is common in Ayuthaya every year, this probably has caused part of the land under the structure to cave in. A row of Buddhist statues destroyed by the war can be seen along the right wall in the image.

Ayuthaya province in Thailand is not far away from Bangkok. A full days trip is a good idea, an old palace, numerous temples and some old structures is what you can see here. The city is fast developing and many places that were once related to religious institutions have given way to construction. As you enter the now busy city, you will find ancient towers right in the center of the busy street. Two elements will gradually reduce the interest in the history of this city. One is urban development and the other is the weather. Large scale flooding is common in this province, old structures gradually succumb to these climatic conditions. The Kaisilver team thanks you for taking this time to read this article. It was a great trip and we do home that the photographs and content stirred your interest in this ancient Thai temple.


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